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CoinCorner Exchange Goes Live From The Isle of Man [PRESS RELEASE]

Press Release - 3rd July 2014

CoinCorner Exchange Goes Live From The Isle of Man

After extensive development and testing, CoinCorner has launched its second-generation crypto currency exchange.

Designed and built by veteran programmers and crypto-currency miners, aims to be the world’s first crypto-currency exchange registered with a financial regulator and has robust procedures in place to meet this aim. 

CoinCorner offers: 
Completely free deposits in GBP, EUR and USD with other currencies to follow 
The ability to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin with other crypto-currencies to follow 
UK banking facilities 
Low trading fees starting from 0.25% 
Intuitive and easy to use platform 
Robust and secure trading environment 

Charlie Woolnough, CEO says: “Our aim is very simple. We want to create a secure environment where individuals and companies can buy and sell crypto-currencies in an easy and cost efficient way. We believe achieves this. Our initial focus is the UK and Europe, which we believe currently suffers from a lack of quality competition, but we have the ability to expand globally if we choose.”

Daniel Scott, COO says: “We understand crypto-currency has not always been viewed in a favourable light by some sections of the media and the issue of company credibility and security are often the reasons. As such, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our clients. Anybody can look on and see who we are and where we are based. We have assembled a highly credible team with great proven track records that will provide our clients with the comfort that their funds are in safe hands. With recent developments in the Isle of Man, the fact we are based here only serves to strengthen this aim.”

Peter Greenhill, Director of E-Buiness for the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development: “The Department of Economic Development would like to congratulate CoinCorner on its latest initiative. We are pleased that the company has recognised the need to protect the consumer and keep crime out whilst launching a service that will attract worldwide business to an Isle of Man company.”

The company has so far attracted $300,000 in private investment.

Further details can be found at:

Press enquiries: [email protected]