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Reduced Services Over Christmas

Please be informed that CoinCorner services will be reduced over the festive period, as follows:
Bank Transfers/SEPA Deposits: Our banking partner has advised that there will be no payments processed on the following days: December 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 31st January 1st, 2nd, 3rd Any payments executed during these days will be processed on the next working day, so please be aware that it may take longer than usual to credit your CoinCorner account. Credit/debit card deposits will not be affected.
CoinCorner Customer Support: There will be limited support provided on the following days: December 24th, 25th, 26th
* All services will return to normal on Monday 4th January 2016 *
Wishing all our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Send Bitcoins in a Festive e-Card This Christmas

Send your family and friends a festive bitcoin e-card with BitGreet this Christmas!

This Christmas, surprise your family and friends with an e-card full of bitcoins! BitGreet gives you the ability to put bitcoins inside your digital message, just like you would do with a physical card for a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion.

Visit BitGreet and check out the selection of bitcoin e-cards!

Leaders In The Bitcoin and Blockchain Services Industry Launch Crowdfunding Campaign [PRESS RELEASE]

Press Release - 10th November 2015 
Leaders In The Bitcoin and Blockchain Services Industry Launch Crowdfunding Campaign 
CoinCorner, the British bitcoin and blockchain services company, announced today that it is looking to raise funds via an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs
The company is looking to raise £300,000 to accelerate the growth of their consumer-focused bitcoin exchange across Europe and further develop their blockchain App Store. 
The campaign is now live (Thursday 12th November) for 60 days. 
Initial Investment

Founded in June 2014, CoinCorner has quickly grown to become one of the European leaders in the bitcoin and blockchain space, with over 21,000 registered users.
The company was self-funded by the co-founders for the first 9 months, before receiving an investment sum of £150,000 from angel investor, Alex Holt, co-founder of Costa Bingo and bgo. This initial round of investment enabled CoinCorner to develop their product range, expand the team and grow to become th…

The Future of Payment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Virgin Money Australia take a look at the trends and innovations which are set to define the future of payment.

Source: Virgin to Host the Largest Bitcoin AMA Event Ever!

Join us and other bitcoin professionals in the largest AMA ever! Throughout November and December, more than 60 professionals from every part of the Bitcoin industry will be taking part in the largest AMA (ask me anything) event ever, hosted by Roger Ver on

Participants include CEO's, core developers, co-founders and many other influential people in the Bitcoin space. The full line up can be found here.
The sessions will start on 2nd November 2015 in the "Ask Me Anything" section on the forum.
CoinCorner Co-Founder and CTO, Danny Scott, will be taking part and hosting an AMA on Sunday 22nd November, joined by Marketing Manager, Molly Spiers

This is a great opportunity to ask questions directly to your favourite industry leaders or simply to read the community questions and answers from the top names in Bitcoin.
The event kicks off in just a few days time, so get your questions ready!

Visit the Forum

What 2016 Holds for Bitcoin Businesses

In case you missed it earlier this week, CoinCorner Co-Founder, Charlie Woolnough, was featured on CoinDesk giving his view on the current state of the bitcoin industry and what companies in the space should expect from next year...

"What 2016 Holds for Bitcoin Businesses"

The bitcoin industry is still years away from maturity. Unfortunately, many business were launched on the back of overly optimistic industry growth projections. The hard reality is, there just isn’t currently enough volume to support all the exchanges, payment gateways and wallet providers that have sprung up, let alone the number of secondary service providers, such as bitcoin compliance solutions, that have been created to support the first wave of service providers.
Belt tightening
Many of these businesses will need to take radical steps to survive the next few years while consumer adoption catches up with service provider expectation. We are already seeing signs of this where those businesses that haven’t …

Join us on ZapChain for a Live Q&A - Thursday 22nd October

Live Q&A with CoinCorner Co-Founder and CTO, Daniel Scott
Join us on ZapChain from 4pm on Thursday 22nd October when our very own Daniel Scott (Co-Founder and CTO of CoinCorner) will be answering all your crypto questions!
The Q&A will be live for 24 hours (although Daniel will need to sleep at some point) so check in and take the opportunity to ask him anything! Daniel will also be giving away bitcoin rewards for good questions! 
You can register to receive an email alert when the event begins by clicking the link below...
Register Now

Lights, Camera, Action!

A sneak peak of today's events... never a dull day in the office!

Watch this space over the next few weeks to find out what we're up to!

We've Increased Our Credit Card Limits

Back in October 2014, we introduced card payments for bitcoin, however, due to the high risk nature of credit card purchases (fraud, chargebacks), our customers have been limited to a £200/€200 deposit per 30-day rolling period.

Over the last 6 months, we have been working with our payment processor, developing and introducing measures to prevent fraud. Our hard work has paid off and we are happy to announce that we have increased our credit card limits.

£300/€300 limit for all credit cards
We have increased our credit card limits from £200/€200 to £300/€300 (per 30-day rolling period). Next time you log in to your CoinCorner account, your credit card limit will automatically be increased.

£1000/€1000 limit for all credit cards after initial bank transfer
We will increase your limit to £1000/€1000 (per 30-day rolling period) after you make a deposit to your CoinCorner account via bank transfer.
Log in to your CoinCorner account now to see your new credit card limit.

CoinCorner Launches European Market

Press Release – 16th September 2015

CoinCorner Launches European Market

CoinCorner, the Isle of Man based bitcoin exchange, has announced the launch of its European service. EUR/GBP
Buying and selling bitcoins on CoinCorner has always been accessible to users across Europe, however previously, it has only been possible in GBP. The launch of the new service means that European customers now have the ability to buy and sell bitcoins on CoinCorner in EUR. “We receive a lot of interest from European countries, but have historically held off launching our Euro platform as we were concentrating on growing our UK focused business. There are a number of exchanges and platforms to buy bitcoin on across Europe, but we feel our on boarding process is by far one of the quickest and easiest.” – Danny Scott, CTO SEPA Payments
As well as adding another currency to its services, CoinCorner has introduced SEPA payments for users with a European bank account. Previously, customers have had the option to buy b…

Bitcoin Is Better With Friends!

Earn bitcoins by telling your family and friends about CoinCorner!

Our affiliate program is free to join and you will:
Receive a up to 25% of the trading volume from your referred user,Have access to banner advertisements and links, as well as a wide range of materials for use on your website and email correspondence,Receive your earnings in real-time!
If you are interested in becoming a CoinCorner affiliate (it's easy!), click here for more details. 

Bitcoin Is Switching From Investment Commodity To Everyday Use [INFOGRAPHIC]

Source: Coupofy

CoinCorner Mentioned In North West Business Insider (July Issue)

CoinCorner was mentioned in this month's issue (July) of North West Business Insider, in a feature about businesses on the Isle of Man.

From the article:
Charlie Woolnough, co-founder of CoinCorner, started his digital currency exchange business 18 month ago. With six full-time staff and several advisers, than plan is "very much one of controlled growth". CoinCorner is targeting 100,000 registered users over the next 12 months.  Woolnough says, "In an evolving industry where intelligent regulation is a key component in our success, the ability to have direct, informed and timely conversation with regulator is very important. You get that in the Isle of Man to a greater extent than other jurisdictions. If appropriate legalisation can be put in place that doesn't stifle innovation, but also gives the local banking sector the comfort it needs to operate bank accounts for island-based crypto currency businesses, then we will see a growing crypto sector on the Isle of M…

Happy 1st Birthday CoinCorner!

Here are some of the highlights from our first year…
Our team has expanded from 3 employees to 6.  We have nearly 20,000 registered users and 500 registered merchants. We have processed over £1 million in trades.  We moved to offices in Douglas – the heart of the Isle of Man’s financial district.  We expanded our range of products to include: CoinCorner Bitcoin Exchange and Mobile Wallet and CoinCorner Checkout: Bitcoin for eCommerce and Bitcoin Point of Sale.  We were the first UK exchange to accept credit/debit card deposits.  We became the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world to fall under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2008 on the Isle of Man.  We have been instrumental in helping shape the global bitcoin regulation. 
Thank you for being part of it!

Bruce, Bikes and Bitcoin!

CoinCorner are proud to sponsor Bruce Anstey this year in the Isle of Man TT 2015!

Home to CoinCorner, the Isle of Man is the location of the world famous TT (Tourist Trophy) Races.

The TT Racesare an international motorcycle racing event, attracting tens of thousands of visitors over the week-long festival and this year, we’re delighted to be involved in the action!
We’re sponsoring 10-time TT winner Bruce Anstey, who you’ll see sporting our logo on his helmet! It was clearly visible on the ITV4 coverage last night (10/06/2015).

Good luck Bruce!

ByPost Now Accept Bitcoin With CoinCorner Checkout

Big news alert! We’re excited to announce our partnership with ByPost!
With ByPost, you can send iPhone photos as real, printed postcards, delivered to anyone, anywhere in the world… and the icing on the cake? You can now buy your credits with bitcoin!

This week, ByPost have finished integrating our CoinCorner Checkout into their website,  making it really easy for their customers to buy credits with bitcoin.
I took a look and bought a postcard to show just how easy peasy lemon squeezy it is to pay with bitcoin! (I’ve blurred out the juicy bits – sorry!)
1. Choose how many credits you want to buy and click the big “Pay With Bitcoin” button.
2. You are redirected to our CoinCorner Checkout page where you can pay with your CoinCorner wallet! Your payment is processed and you will be directed back to the ByPost website – it’s as simple as that!
3. I created my postcard (featuring my two lovely cats!) using the ByPost Postcard Maker app and not long after, it appeared in my orders! And voila! …

Charlie Judges The Eye For Travel Innovation Awards

Charlie has been busy this week, judging the 2015 EyeforTravel Innovation Awards in London.

The EyeforTravel Innovation Awards celebrates “the hottest and most innovative start-ups and innovations which have recently entered the travel space and will impact the industry in 2015.”
The competition was fierce, but the winner was Sépage, a data market technologies business based in Paris, France. Well done Sépage!
You can read more about the event here.

“Hello” From Molly and An April Overview

Happy Friday everyone! Molly here – one of the newest members to join the CoinCorner team. I thought I’d start my first blog post with a quick introduction about me and then take a look at what has been happening at CoinCorner HQ over the last month (April).
So, a quick introduction about me…

Hello, I’m Molly and I am the Marketing Manager at CoinCorner.
Things I like: Cake, ice cream and silly dancing (only when nobody else is around).
Things I don’t like: The gym (but I do it to burn off all the cake and ice cream), spiders and Mr Bean (sorry Rowan Atkinson).
I said it would be a quick introduction and I have lots to write about, so that’s enough about me for now! Time to get down to business…
The CoinCorner Team Grows!

April saw the CoinCorner team continue to grow. Both myself and Duncan were taken on – me, in the role of marketing and Duncan as a senior developer. Duncan is currently part time, but only until July and then he will become a fully-fledged member of the CoinCorner f…

CoinCorner Mentioned In Goldman Sachs Report, “The Future of Finance”

Highlights from the CoinDesk article mentioning the report include:
Bitcoin’s impact will be felt in the field of consumer-to-consumer payments, the report says. This market includes all payments made between consumers, with examples of leading vendors being mobile wallets, like Venmo and Square Cash.
Disruptive entrants to the consumer payments space are limited to earning revenue from international money transfers, according to the report, a market that’s worth $580bn. These entrants include bitcoin exchanges and the peer-to-peer platform for foreign currency exchange, TransferWise.
Exchanges named in the report include CoinCorner.
A link to the article can be found here.