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ByPost Now Accept Bitcoin With CoinCorner Checkout

Big news alert! We’re excited to announce our partnership with ByPost!

With ByPost, you can send iPhone photos as real, printed postcards, delivered to anyone, anywhere in the world… and the icing on the cake? You can now buy your credits with bitcoin!

This week, ByPost have finished integrating our CoinCorner Checkout into their website,  making it really easy for their customers to buy credits with bitcoin.

I took a look and bought a postcard to show just how easy peasy lemon squeezy it is to pay with bitcoin! (I’ve blurred out the juicy bits – sorry!)

1. Choose how many credits you want to buy and click the big “Pay With Bitcoin” button.

2. You are redirected to our CoinCorner Checkout page where you can pay with your CoinCorner wallet! Your payment is processed and you will be directed back to the ByPost website – it’s as simple as that!

3. I created my postcard (featuring my two lovely cats!) using the ByPost Postcard Maker app and not long after, it appeared in my orders! And voila! Using Bitcoin really is that simple!

It’s easy to integrate CoinCorner in to your eCommerce business! If you are interested in accepting bitcoin on your website, click here for more information.