Friday, 31 July 2015

A Day In The Life Of... Liam, CoinCorner Front End Developer

Liam Wiltshire, Front End Developer

What is a typical day like for you?
I get up at 8.30am, I cycle to work, I eat granola, banana and yogurt with a coffee when I get to work. When I'm in work I'll check the latest bitcoin news and technologies, emails and queries that may of landed on my desk... this usually shapes how my day looks, generally though I'll have photoshop, visual studio, illustrator, notepad++ and some office applications always open. I enjoy routine so most evening's I'll walk the dog, play football, go out on the irish sea, cook or sit down and do some work.

What do you like best about your job​?
The variety, doing something new every day and not knowing on Monday what I will of achieved by Friday. I learn a lot.

What do you like least about your ​job​?​
I can be jumping from one thing to another, without getting time to focus properly on task in hand.

Are there any challenges in your ​job​?
Always, learning new technologies as well as juggling it with doing a full time computer science degree degree.

Did you know anything about Bitcoin before you joined CoinCorner?
Yes, I knew some basic things from mining and experimenting sending bitcoin with friends.

What are your thoughts on the Bitcoin industry? Where do you think it is heading?
I think it'll carry on being integrated as a financial services technology, used as a payments mechanism and international payments. But the underlying blockchain has no many appliances it's hard to get the mind around it.

What do you do outside of work​?
Surf (yes, even on the Isle of Man in February), walk my dog, study for my degree, cook.

Something you didn't know about me!
My great uncle was Jack Duckworth in Coronation Street.

Jack Duckworth in Coronation Street

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