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We've Increased Our Credit Card Limits

Back in October 2014, we introduced card payments for bitcoin, however, due to the high risk nature of credit card purchases (fraud, chargebacks), our customers have been limited to a £200/€200 deposit per 30-day rolling period.

Over the last 6 months, we have been working with our payment processor, developing and introducing measures to prevent fraud. Our hard work has paid off and we are happy to announce that we have increased our credit card limits.

£300/€300 limit for all credit cards

We have increased our credit card limits from £200/€200 to £300/€300 (per 30-day rolling period).
Next time you log in to your CoinCorner account, your credit card limit will automatically be increased.

£1000/€1000 limit for all credit cards after initial bank transfer

We will increase your limit to £1000/€1000 (per 30-day rolling period) after you make a deposit to your CoinCorner account via bank transfer.

Log in to your CoinCorner account now to see your new credit card limit.


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