Friday, 18 November 2016

The Best Christmas Gifts You Can Buy For Bitcoin

The holidays are fast approaching and you've not even thought about Christmas shopping... sound like you? Don't worry! We've got Christmas all wrapped up with some of the best Christmas gifts you can buy for bitcoin!

Recipient: Wife/Girlfriend

Expedia has been accepting bitcoin since June 2014 - what better reason is there to escape the winter weather and treat her to a trip away? Whether a romantic weekend getaway or a well deserved holiday, she'll be sure to love it (and you'll be sure to love that you paid for it in bitcoin!)

Link: Expedia UK

Recipient: Kids

Your daughter really, really, really wants a new laptop and your son wants an Xbox... so visit Dell and snap up a bitcoin bargain.

Hot on the heals of Expedia, Dell announced that they would start accepting bitcoin for all items on their website in July 2014. 

Link: Dell UK

Recipient: Friends

Honest Brew

Honest Brew is a personalised craft beer service that delivers 12 different craft beers matched to your taste to your door each month.

Honest Brew added bitcoin to its list of payment methods in April 2014.

"[Bitcoin] fits what we are trying to achieve at Honest brew, so it makes perfect sense to accept bitcoin."

Link: Honest Brew website

London Theatre Direct
Treat your friends to an all-singing, all-dancing night out in the West End with London Theatre Direct.

There's plenty of shows to choose from... from The Phantom of The Opera to Mamma Mia to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this is the perfect Christmas gift for your theatre-loving friends.

In February 2014, London Theatre Direct became the world's first ticket agency to offer their customers the option to pay in bitcoin.

Link: London Theatre Direct website

SomethingGeeky is the perfect place to find a Christmas gift for your geeky friends! With a variety of geek-themed clothing, mugs, bags and accessories, there's something for everyone.

Link: SomethingGeeky website

Recipient: Secret Santa

Oh, the stress of Secret Santa. What on earth do you get Carol in Accounts who you've only ever spoken to in passing? Do not fear, Zeek is here!

Zeek is a marketplace for gift vouchers. Maybe you have a voucher and have no use for it? You can sell it and get cash instead. Or maybe you want to decide how much you pay for your favorite brands? You can buy a voucher at below face value.

There are hundreds of vouchers available (all your favourite household names!) so Secret Santa doesn't need to be Stressful Santa anymore!

Link: Zeek website

Recipient: The person who has literally everything

Everybody knows somebody... the one person who literally has everything. But if (on the off chance) you have 335 BTC ($250,000) available to spend on this friend, why not sign them up for a flight into space on Virgin Galactic?

Richard Branson has long been a fan of bitcoin, so it was no surprise when he announced that Virgin Galactic would accept bitcoin for its upcoming space flights.

Link: Virgin Galactic website


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