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2017 Overview

2017... wow! What a year it has been at CoinCorner!
It's fair to say that "growth" has been the theme this year. We've welcomed 3 new full-time employees to CoinCorner: Rachael (compliance), Ross (customer support) and Zakk (tech) and we were also joined by Joel, our legal intern, earlier this year during his university summer break.
With the industry showing no signs of slowing down, neither are we! We plan to continue expanding the team further during 2018 - exciting times ahead!
We welcomed Ross, Zakk and Rachael (on the left) to CoinCorner
Talking of exciting times, we also said goodbye to our old office - a place that we had called home for 2 years (sometimes quite literally, as on occasion, we have been known to spend more time in the office than at home) - and moved in to a bigger (and better!) office to accommodate our growing team.
Our cool new digs, complete with a bitcoin "cold storage" fridge!
It's been a crazy year for bitcoin too... of course,…

Christmas/New Year Bank Holiday Notice

Please be aware of the upcoming bank holiday(s):
Monday 25th December 2017
Tuesday 26th December 2017
Monday 1st January 2018

During this time, the following services will be limited/unavailable:
Customer support will be limited and responses may take longer than usual.
Bank deposits/withdrawals will be unavailable and processed the next working day.
Any accounts awaiting verification will be reviewed and processed at the earliest convenience.

On behalf of everyone here at CoinCorner, we would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All the best,
The CoinCorner Team

Merry Bitmas! The Best Bitcoin Christmas Gifts 2017

The festive season is upon us, but if you've not even thought about buying presents yet, don't worry! We've got Christmas all wrapped up for you. Here is our pick of the best gifts you can buy for bitcoin this year...

A gift for... your partner
Expedia, the online travel booking agency, has been accepting bitcoin since June 2014 - what better reason do you need to escape the winter weather and treat them to a trip away? Whether a romantic weekend getaway or a well deserved holiday, they'll be sure to love it (and you'll be sure to love that you bought it with bitcoin!)

Treat yourself to a bitcoin break.
A gift for... your kids
They're writing a list, you're checking it twice... your daughter wants a new laptop and your son wants the latest games console, but with the costs of raising a family ever increasing, you're thinking to the future.

So, here's an idea: buy them some bitcoin! Load it on to a paper wallet and watch their faces light up when they open…

CoinCorner To Host “Bitcoin For Women” Talk

CoinCorner To Host "Bitcoin For Women" Talk
Douglas, Monday 13th November 2017

Isle of Man based bitcoin exchange, CoinCorner, will be hosting “An Introduction to Bitcoin for Women” talk at their office on Thursday 30th November 2017.

The talk has been organised by the company’s female staff members in order to encourage more women to get involved and learn about bitcoin.

(L-R: Lizzie Pope, Molly Spiers, Rachael Duke, Lucy Turner)

Bitcoin is a hot topic at the moment, having seen exponential growth since the beginning of the year. Public interest is growing rapidly as more people explore the world of digital currency, however, the majority of interest still comes from men.

Molly Spiers, marketing manager at CoinCorner and one of the women organising the talk, said: “When I joined CoinCorner in 2015, I was quite surprised to find that I was the only female employee in the company. I soon discovered that a lack of women in the bitcoin industry was not uncommon. It is intimidating at…

Segwit2x Announcment

You may be aware of a number of recent proposals for technical changes to the Bitcoin network. All BTC stored with CoinCorner will remain safe during the potential events below.

We are aware that the key supporters for Segwit2x have now abandoned their intentions to go ahead with the hard fork, meaning the Segwit2x Hard Fork is very unlikely to go ahead.  However we are also aware of certain rumours that a small minority of miners under the alias 'BitPico' may still be looking to continue with the fork. We believe this will not amount to anything of significance, but want to approach the situation with caution. We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming days, but if a fork does look likely to happen regardless of size we may take the below approach

The proposed contentious hard fork is scheduled for 16th November 2017 at Block 494784. If this goes ahead it will likely create a separate blockchain and coin, currently being referred to as B2X. CoinCorner will not su…

Bitcoin "Cold Storage" Giveaway

We're giving one lucky person the chance to win a unique bitcoin "cold storage" fridge (see what we did there?) filled with beer, kindly donated by our friends at BrewDog - the Scottish craft beer company.

Enter here!

We'll also throw in some exclusive CoinCorner goodies for you to enjoy!
To enter, all you have to do is visit our competition page and enter your name and email address - easy peasy!

The winner will be chosen and contacted on Tuesday 14th November.
Enter now!
Good luck!

Bitcoin Hardfork

You may be aware of a number of recent proposals for technical changes to the Bitcoin network. All BTC stored with CoinCorner will remain safe during the potential events below.

There is a proposed hard fork which is scheduled for 25th October 2017. If this goes ahead it will create a separate blockchain and coin, currently being referred to as Bitcoin Gold. CoinCorner will not support the new blockchain or its associated coin.

Customer funds held with CoinCorner will be kept safe when the above events happen, however to ensure that funds stay safe, CoinCorner may temporarily disable some functionality 24 hours beforehand, and during the period where the activation is due to happen, until the situation becomes more clear. This means that customers will be unable to buy, sell, deposit or withdraw Bitcoin until we are comfortable (we hope this will take no longer than 24-48 hours, but it may take longer).

If you do not want to have access to any new coins that are a result of a UAHF, or do…

CoinCorner Kayaking

Goodbye Joel!
After 3 months of having him in the office, last Friday we bid farewell to Joel from the CoinCorner team. Joel was here as a Legal Intern during his summer break from university and fit into the team seamlessly. Thanks for the last 3 months Joel, and good luck in your third year!

To celebrate Joel's time here at CoinCorner we offered him the choice of what activity we do as a 'leaving do', and he chose kayaking. Although it was relatively short notice we managed to get a session booked with Adventurous Experiences to go on Friday afternoon. As we turned up at Fenella Beach the kayaks were there waiting for us and, looking out onto the sea, so were the waves. As we had a few kayaking newbies in the group, our instructors made the decision to start off somewhere less rough and we carried the kayaks to a different spot to launch ourselves into the sea.

Despite CoinCorner going kayaking a couple of years ago, the only real expert in the ranks was Liam who turned …

Europe's Bitcoin Hotspots

As the popularity and awareness of Bitcoin continues to grow, there are more and more businesses coming out as accepting the cryptocurrency as a payment method all around the world. I have had a quick scour of the Internet and found a number of places in Europe that are perhaps more accepting of Bitcoin than others and have put together a little piece that highlights some of these popular tourist destinations where you can spend your Bitcoins. 
London is at the forefront of Bitcoin acceptance in Europe and there is a huge number of places in the UK's capital where you can use them. If you fancy a bite to eat then there is a great variety of places available. BIT Bourbon Steam Burgers, Burger Bear and La Porca all accept Bitcoin from the carnivores out there. If you are just wanting a quick bite to eat then Nincomsoups offer global soups and Sawmill Cafe and Bakery is great for a quick cake and coffee. In terms of things of do, you can learn some martial arts at ChiswickBJJ …

Celebrate International Beer Day using Bitcoin!

I am reliably informed by the United Kingdom Trends list on Twitter that today is International Beer Day. I am sure there are many people out there that enjoy going for a pint after work, especially on a Friday, and what better reason to go for one than today. In honour of International Beer Day, I thought I would give you beer-drinkers out there a list of places in the UK where you can go and celebrate using Bitcoin. Beer and Bitcoin, a marriage made in heaven.
Isle of Man
I'll start with the Isle of Man. It's a lovely sunny day here today, so the perfect way to close out the work week and usher in the weekend is with a cold beer somewhere. I understand there are lots of places where you could go for a pint, and a lot of people have their locals, but variety is the spice of life and using fiat currency to pay for things is so last century. Do something different this International Beer Day and head to The Thirsty Pigeon, the only pub to accept the cryptocurrency on the Island…

Fork Update + ToughMann Charity

There has been a lot of talk about forks in the bitcoin network recently. Different exchanges will be dealing with the fork in different ways, so read on to find out our stance on the whole situation..

You may be aware of a number of recent proposals for technical changes to the Bitcoin protocol. There is a proposed user-activated hard fork (UAHF) coming on August 1st and, if this goes ahead, there will be a fork in the bitcoin network. This means that there will be a separate blockchain and coin, a coin currently being called 'Bitcoin Cash' or 'BitcoinABC'. CoinCorner will not be supporting any new blockchains or associated coins that come off the back of a UAHF.

We can guarantee that any customer funds held with CoinCorner will be kept safe during the forking process, but we may be temporarily disabling some functionality from 24 hours beforehand until we feel comfortable that the network is stable again. This means that customers won't be able to buy, sell, dep…

CoinCorner Karting - The Results

When the dust settled and the smell of burned rubber finally dissipated from Jurby karting track, the winner of the 2017 CoinCorner Karting Championship stood atop the podium basking in his victory. Unfortunately, that winner was Liam. No shock upsets were on the cards as the hyper-confident reigning champion regained his gold medal, comfortably leaving everyone else in his wake.

The event started with everyone signing up and getting kitted up in their racing gear. Overalls, helmets, gloves and hair nets on (a look which actually really suited Joel, a look he enjoyed so much he didn't take his off until we were back in the car), we were kitted up and ready to go. Trash talking began early as the lady doing the safety talk was regularly interrupted with people taking shots at their colleagues turned enemies (I stayed silent knowing full well that anything I said would ultimately come back to bite me when I was chugging along at the back).

The race started with the swing of a Manx …

CoinCorner Karting Championships - Racer Breakdown

Karting is finally upon us. There is potential for legends to be made and champions to fall.

Almost a month after our 3rd birthday, we will be celebrating with the CoinCorner Grand Prix up at Jurby racetrack. I am told that last year there was a ferocious showdown between Phil and Liam for the top spot on the podium, a showdown eventually won by Liam. However, the victory was rife with controversy as there have been allegations thrown around that Liam had the fastest kart, and this year a plan has been put in place to ensure that karts are selected randomly so no shenanigans can take place. 
Chat in the office would lead you to assume that the battle for 1st will boil down to the same two racers, but there is every possibility a dark horse could come from nowhere to cause an upset. Below is a breakdown of each of the competitors and their past experience, but past experience will count for nothing when behind the wheel.
The Favourites
Liam Last year's champion, Liam must be conside…

Incoming Interns and Birthday Bashes

My 1 Month Work-iversary
Friday marks a month since I last watched The Chase started at CoinCorner. It feels pretty weird to say. It doesn't feel like I've been here that long at all. It's been a great first month, great colleagues as well as an interesting job and industry. I have learned lots about bitcoin and I finally feel like I am a functioning member of the team, not just some guy that annoys busy people with questions when they are trying to get work done (but that is a matter of opinion).

CoinCorner's 3rd Birthday
It is CoinCorner's 3rd birthday on Sunday and we are celebrating by going go-karting, and it would seem that I am surrounded by a group of extremely competitive people. The news of this event has meant that people have went on crash diets. Snacks are out of the window and have been replaced with things like tangerines. Every member of the team is assuring that they are in the shape of their lives in preparation for the big day. Nobody wants to los…

Win £100 of BTC in our TT Competition!

The best week of the year on the Isle of Man is about to come to a close. Only one more day remains of adrenaline-filled TT action before we say goodbye to the mullets, the beards, the leather and the constant sound of motorbike engines for another year. 
Tomorrow is the big one, the Senior TT Race. This is the one that every racer wants to win and to stand atop the podium hoisting the trophy high with their national anthem blaring out of the speakers in the background. While I can't make any promises that winning our TT competition will result in the same kind of fanfare, it is definitely worth entering.
The competition is extremely simple to enter, just head over to one of CoinCorner's social media pages (Facebook or Twitter) and answer the question that is pinned to the top of the page. Although you can't enter through this blog post, the question is as follows:
'Who is going to win the Senior TT Race on Friday?' 
So head to our social media (you can even click …

CoinCorner Summer Updates

As we approach summer the weather is not all that changes, so do things at CoinCorner! There is one big change that will be happening in the next couple of days and one exciting addition to life as a CoinCorner customer. If you are on the email list you will already know all about the summer updates I am about to go through, but feel free to carry on reading all the same.

Buy Bitcoin with Neteller
We are happy to be able to announce that a brand new deposit method has been launched on the CoinCorner website, Neteller. Neteller is an online wallet, similar in principal to PayPal, that allows you to deposit funds into your CoinCorner account and buy bitcoin. Neteller is great because it allows you to deposit and buy without having to disclose your credit card information. At first Neteller will be operating in beta, but we are hoping to roll it out to all customers in the coming months. Buying bitcoins with Neteller is secure and easy, but you will need to complete full verification of y…