Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Entering the world of bitcoin and extreme office snacking


My name is Ross, I am the newest employee here at CoinCorner. I will be a regular contributor to the CoinCorner blog and Danny came up with the idea of my first post being about how I found my first full week as a member of the team here. But first, a few things about myself:

  1. I was born and raised right here on the Isle of Man. I love it here and can't see myself living anywhere else.
  2. I studied Business & Management at the University of Chester.
  3. After 9 months of employment I found myself looking for a new job and I was lucky enough to land a new role here at CoinCorner as a 'Digital Marketing Guru' (while my status as a guru may be questionable I hope that, with CoinCorner's help, one day I will be able to reach the lofty heights of guru-ness).
  4. I have played basketball since I was 10.
  5. I love food, and I'm not sure life would be worth living without pasta, cheese, pesto and sweet potato fries.

So now that you know everything you need to know about me, I’ll tell you how my first week was.

I was looking forward to my first day. I knew very little about bitcoin other than that it existed, but I had no apprehensions. The office was laid back, the atmosphere and people were friendly and welcoming, and there was a mention of cake being a regular fixture in the office, what more could a guy want?

My first few days were spent watching some courses on specific marketing areas that I hadn’t covered at uni. I would sit, listen and take notes. My hand ached when I got home every day, but that is to be expected when you are between jobs, don’t pick up a pen for a few weeks and sit watching quiz shows all day. On the plus side, I am now a genius when it comes to pointless knowledge (ask me anything in the comments section and I bet I know the answer).

After a few days of learning and rigorous course watching I got a couple of practical lessons in some of the areas I will eventually be responsible for. I learnt all about MailChimp, AdWords and Analytics from Liam before getting given a few more, slightly more in-depth courses to watch this week.

On a side note, I think I may have gained a couple of stone already while being here. As well as cake on Friday there has also been 2 trips to a local pie shop, 2 lunches out, 1 breakfast bap, 1 McFlurry, a couple of offers of sushi, countless mentions of Domino’s and a partridge in a pear tree (which would have been eaten, along with the pears, if it even as much as showed its face in the office).

All in all, I have really enjoyed my first week at CoinCorner and I am looking forward to the future in this exciting and rapidly growing industry. I have already learned a lot and I am sure I will learn much, much more in the coming months.

Bye for now,

Ross Wilson, G.I.T (guru in training)

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