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Incoming Interns and Birthday Bashes

My 1 Month Work-iversary
Friday marks a month since I last watched The Chase started at CoinCorner. It feels pretty weird to say. It doesn't feel like I've been here that long at all. It's been a great first month, great colleagues as well as an interesting job and industry. I have learned lots about bitcoin and I finally feel like I am a functioning member of the team, not just some guy that annoys busy people with questions when they are trying to get work done (but that is a matter of opinion).

CoinCorner's 3rd Birthday
It is CoinCorner's 3rd birthday on Sunday and we are celebrating by going go-karting, and it would seem that I am surrounded by a group of extremely competitive people. The news of this event has meant that people have went on crash diets. Snacks are out of the window and have been replaced with things like tangerines. Every member of the team is assuring that they are in the shape of their lives in preparation for the big day. Nobody wants to los…

Win £100 of BTC in our TT Competition!

The best week of the year on the Isle of Man is about to come to a close. Only one more day remains of adrenaline-filled TT action before we say goodbye to the mullets, the beards, the leather and the constant sound of motorbike engines for another year. 
Tomorrow is the big one, the Senior TT Race. This is the one that every racer wants to win and to stand atop the podium hoisting the trophy high with their national anthem blaring out of the speakers in the background. While I can't make any promises that winning our TT competition will result in the same kind of fanfare, it is definitely worth entering.
The competition is extremely simple to enter, just head over to one of CoinCorner's social media pages (Facebook or Twitter) and answer the question that is pinned to the top of the page. Although you can't enter through this blog post, the question is as follows:
'Who is going to win the Senior TT Race on Friday?' 
So head to our social media (you can even click …

CoinCorner Summer Updates

As we approach summer the weather is not all that changes, so do things at CoinCorner! There is one big change that will be happening in the next couple of days and one exciting addition to life as a CoinCorner customer. If you are on the email list you will already know all about the summer updates I am about to go through, but feel free to carry on reading all the same.

Buy Bitcoin with Neteller
We are happy to be able to announce that a brand new deposit method has been launched on the CoinCorner website, Neteller. Neteller is an online wallet, similar in principal to PayPal, that allows you to deposit funds into your CoinCorner account and buy bitcoin. Neteller is great because it allows you to deposit and buy without having to disclose your credit card information. At first Neteller will be operating in beta, but we are hoping to roll it out to all customers in the coming months. Buying bitcoins with Neteller is secure and easy, but you will need to complete full verification of y…