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CoinCorner Summer Updates

As we approach summer the weather is not all that changes, so do things at CoinCorner! There is one big change that will be happening in the next couple of days and one exciting addition to life as a CoinCorner customer. If you are on the email list you will already know all about the summer updates I am about to go through, but feel free to carry on reading all the same.

Buy Bitcoin with Neteller
We are happy to be able to announce that a brand new deposit method has been launched on the CoinCorner website, Neteller. Neteller is an online wallet, similar in principal to PayPal, that allows you to deposit funds into your CoinCorner account and buy bitcoin. Neteller is great because it allows you to deposit and buy without having to disclose your credit card information. At first Neteller will be operating in beta, but we are hoping to roll it out to all customers in the coming months. Buying bitcoins with Neteller is secure and easy, but you will need to complete full verification of your account before you can do it.

Network Transaction Fees
For the last few years we have been absorbing the cost of transaction fees for our customers. These fees act sort of as an incentive for miners to process the transactions, and every penny goes to the miners. Unfortunately, as we are approaching 100,000 customers these transaction fees are becoming a significant cost to the business. Starting from Friday 9th June 2017 a flat fee will be displayed to you when performing a withdrawal (on-chain transaction) and may be subject to change depending on the network congestion. CoinCorner will be contributing an additional fee to help keep transactions being processed in an efficient manner.

TT Competition
The world's largest festival of motorcycles, mullets and mohicans is upon us. TT 2017 is well underway and we are celebrating the world's most famous motorcycle race with a competition. More information will be given tomorrow when the competition starts, so keep any eye out on the CoinCorner social media pages for a chance to win £100 worth of bitcoin.

In other news:

  • Next Sunday (June 18th) is CoinCorner's 3rd birthday.
  • The bitcoin price has a new all-time high - $2957, so close to breaking $3000, yet ultimately so far away.


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