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Incoming Interns and Birthday Bashes

My 1 Month Work-iversary
Friday marks a month since I last watched The Chase started at CoinCorner. It feels pretty weird to say. It doesn't feel like I've been here that long at all. It's been a great first month, great colleagues as well as an interesting job and industry. I have learned lots about bitcoin and I finally feel like I am a functioning member of the team, not just some guy that annoys busy people with questions when they are trying to get work done (but that is a matter of opinion).

CoinCorner's 3rd Birthday
It is CoinCorner's 3rd birthday on Sunday and we are celebrating by going go-karting, and it would seem that I am surrounded by a group of extremely competitive people. The news of this event has meant that people have went on crash diets. Snacks are out of the window and have been replaced with things like tangerines. Every member of the team is assuring that they are in the shape of their lives in preparation for the big day. Nobody wants to lose and everybody wants the office bragging rights come the end of the day. I will announce the winner afterwards so the world will know who the fastest member of the CoinCorner team is.

Joel Joins The Team
In other news, I am no longer the new guy, on Monday we welcomed in Joel. Joel is the latest addition to our rapidly expanding team and has joined us as a Legal Intern until he goes back for his final year of university in September. He has fit in seamlessly and, 3 days in, is already abusing Liam in a way that only CoinCorner staff can. Welcome to the team, Joel!

TT Competition
After an unfortunate incident in the first attempt at the Senior TT Race, the race was delayed and shortened to 4 laps on Friday afternoon. The eventual winner was Michael Dunlop, a popular answer as 40 of the 100+ entrants went for him. Dunlop wasn't the only person celebrating on Friday night however, as the random number generator picked Matt Marchant as the winner of our competition. Matt is now the proud owner of £100 worth of bitcoin courtesy of CoinCorner, congratulations Matt! We were blown away by all the entrants we had, and we thank everyone who entered for doing so. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks as there may be another competition coming your way. 


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