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Win £100 of BTC in our TT Competition!

The best week of the year on the Isle of Man is about to come to a close. Only one more day remains of adrenaline-filled TT action before we say goodbye to the mullets, the beards, the leather and the constant sound of motorbike engines for another year. 

Tomorrow is the big one, the Senior TT Race. This is the one that every racer wants to win and to stand atop the podium hoisting the trophy high with their national anthem blaring out of the speakers in the background. While I can't make any promises that winning our TT competition will result in the same kind of fanfare, it is definitely worth entering.

The competition is extremely simple to enter, just head over to one of CoinCorner's social media pages (Facebook or Twitter) and answer the question that is pinned to the top of the page. Although you can't enter through this blog post, the question is as follows:

'Who is going to win the Senior TT Race on Friday?' 

So head to our social media (you can even click on whichever one you want to enter through below) and let us know your answer. 

To enter through Facebook all you need to do is comment on the competition post with who you think will win. To enter through Twitter you need to respond to the tweet (make sure @CoinCorner is tagged). Make sure you include the hashtags #bitcoin and #IoMTT in your answer. An example answer for both platforms is given below...

For those of you who aren't clued up on the TT you can see all the riders participating in the race below...

If you still can't decide then follow this link to see the 18 most successful riders in recent years -

Please be aware that riders number 5, 13, 26, 63 and 71 will not be racing tomorrow.

Everybody who guesses the eventual winner will be entered into a draw and a random winner will be chosen. The competition closes at 12.30pm on Friday 9th June 2017. Any answers received after that time will not be entered and only one entry per person will be considered. 

Click one of the icons to go to our social media pages and enter...


Good luck!