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Fork Update + ToughMann Charity

There has been a lot of talk about forks in the bitcoin network recently. Different exchanges will be dealing with the fork in different ways, so read on to find out our stance on the whole situation..

You may be aware of a number of recent proposals for technical changes to the Bitcoin protocol. There is a proposed user-activated hard fork (UAHF) coming on August 1st and, if this goes ahead, there will be a fork in the bitcoin network. This means that there will be a separate blockchain and coin, a coin currently being called 'Bitcoin Cash' or 'BitcoinABC'. CoinCorner will not be supporting any new blockchains or associated coins that come off the back of a UAHF.

We can guarantee that any customer funds held with CoinCorner will be kept safe during the forking process, but we may be temporarily disabling some functionality from 24 hours beforehand until we feel comfortable that the network is stable again. This means that customers won't be able to buy, sell, dep…

CoinCorner Karting - The Results

When the dust settled and the smell of burned rubber finally dissipated from Jurby karting track, the winner of the 2017 CoinCorner Karting Championship stood atop the podium basking in his victory. Unfortunately, that winner was Liam. No shock upsets were on the cards as the hyper-confident reigning champion regained his gold medal, comfortably leaving everyone else in his wake.

The event started with everyone signing up and getting kitted up in their racing gear. Overalls, helmets, gloves and hair nets on (a look which actually really suited Joel, a look he enjoyed so much he didn't take his off until we were back in the car), we were kitted up and ready to go. Trash talking began early as the lady doing the safety talk was regularly interrupted with people taking shots at their colleagues turned enemies (I stayed silent knowing full well that anything I said would ultimately come back to bite me when I was chugging along at the back).

The race started with the swing of a Manx …

CoinCorner Karting Championships - Racer Breakdown

Karting is finally upon us. There is potential for legends to be made and champions to fall.

Almost a month after our 3rd birthday, we will be celebrating with the CoinCorner Grand Prix up at Jurby racetrack. I am told that last year there was a ferocious showdown between Phil and Liam for the top spot on the podium, a showdown eventually won by Liam. However, the victory was rife with controversy as there have been allegations thrown around that Liam had the fastest kart, and this year a plan has been put in place to ensure that karts are selected randomly so no shenanigans can take place. 
Chat in the office would lead you to assume that the battle for 1st will boil down to the same two racers, but there is every possibility a dark horse could come from nowhere to cause an upset. Below is a breakdown of each of the competitors and their past experience, but past experience will count for nothing when behind the wheel.
The Favourites
Liam Last year's champion, Liam must be conside…