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CoinCorner Karting - The Results

When the dust settled and the smell of burned rubber finally dissipated from Jurby karting track, the winner of the 2017 CoinCorner Karting Championship stood atop the podium basking in his victory. Unfortunately, that winner was Liam. No shock upsets were on the cards as the hyper-confident reigning champion regained his gold medal, comfortably leaving everyone else in his wake.

The event started with everyone signing up and getting kitted up in their racing gear. Overalls, helmets, gloves and hair nets on (a look which actually really suited Joel, a look he enjoyed so much he didn't take his off until we were back in the car), we were kitted up and ready to go. Trash talking began early as the lady doing the safety talk was regularly interrupted with people taking shots at their colleagues turned enemies (I stayed silent knowing full well that anything I said would ultimately come back to bite me when I was chugging along at the back).

The race started with the swing of a Manx flag and as everyone put their foot down the roaring of the engines filled the ears of everyone nearby, sounding like everybody in Jurby decided to start mowing their lawn at that very moment in time. At the end of the first 15 minute session the victory on the track belonged to Phil, although Liam had the fastest lap time, an expected result.

After a quick kart swap for Liam and Phil, stemming from more allegations of some karts being faster than others, and we were back for the 2nd race. The first race was tame in terms of the number of collisions, but that couldn't be said for the 2nd race. As the flag dropped all 9 competitors had their foot to the floor, approaching the first corner at high speeds. It was a situation that had 'crash' written across it in big, bold letters. After the race there was an investigation and it would seem that this situation all stemmed from Danny who claims that, after turning around to check behind him, didn't have the time to react to Rachael braking in front of him. Cue a heavy shunt that caused a domino effect of shunts further forward in the group, resulting in numerous collisions and Molly spinning out of control. This then resulted in people having to take evasive action to avoid becoming part of this build up, something that Joel didn't have time to do, smashing into Molly at high speed and causing himself to spin as well. Luckily I managed to dodge the build up and find myself ahead of more people than I was behind, something I didn't think I would see. Unfortunately this lasted about 10 seconds as once everyone was back in the race it didn't take them long at all to regain their position ahead of me.

After that moment of craziness the rest of the race fell back into line, Liam and Phil ran away at the front with everybody else forever trying to catch up to no avail. In the end Liam was the clear and deserved winner, getting another gold medal to add to his one from last year with Phil collecting another silver and Mike taking home the bronze. After a great afternoon celebrating the 3rd birthday of the business we finished it off with dinner at a nearby pub. I am already looking forward to our next team activity, hopefully it'll be something that I have more of a chance of winning, and something that Liam doesn't excel at.

In other news, a few of the CoinCorner team will be taking part in ToughMann here on the Isle of Man on August 5th. They will be running for charity and we would appreciate it if some of you would donate some bitcoin for their efforts. More information on ToughMann, the charity and how to donate will be available in the next few days so please keep an eye out and donate if you can!


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