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Europe's Bitcoin Hotspots

As the popularity and awareness of Bitcoin continues to grow, there are more and more businesses coming out as accepting the cryptocurrency as a payment method all around the world. I have had a quick scour of the Internet and found a number of places in Europe that are perhaps more accepting of Bitcoin than others and have put together a little piece that highlights some of these popular tourist destinations where you can spend your Bitcoins. 
London is at the forefront of Bitcoin acceptance in Europe and there is a huge number of places in the UK's capital where you can use them. If you fancy a bite to eat then there is a great variety of places available. BIT Bourbon Steam Burgers, Burger Bear and La Porca all accept Bitcoin from the carnivores out there. If you are just wanting a quick bite to eat then Nincomsoups offer global soups and Sawmill Cafe and Bakery is great for a quick cake and coffee. In terms of things of do, you can learn some martial arts at ChiswickBJJ …

Celebrate International Beer Day using Bitcoin!

I am reliably informed by the United Kingdom Trends list on Twitter that today is International Beer Day. I am sure there are many people out there that enjoy going for a pint after work, especially on a Friday, and what better reason to go for one than today. In honour of International Beer Day, I thought I would give you beer-drinkers out there a list of places in the UK where you can go and celebrate using Bitcoin. Beer and Bitcoin, a marriage made in heaven.
Isle of Man
I'll start with the Isle of Man. It's a lovely sunny day here today, so the perfect way to close out the work week and usher in the weekend is with a cold beer somewhere. I understand there are lots of places where you could go for a pint, and a lot of people have their locals, but variety is the spice of life and using fiat currency to pay for things is so last century. Do something different this International Beer Day and head to The Thirsty Pigeon, the only pub to accept the cryptocurrency on the Island…