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Europe's Bitcoin Hotspots

As the popularity and awareness of Bitcoin continues to grow, there are more and more businesses coming out as accepting the cryptocurrency as a payment method all around the world. I have had a quick scour of the Internet and found a number of places in Europe that are perhaps more accepting of Bitcoin than others and have put together a little piece that highlights some of these popular tourist destinations where you can spend your Bitcoins. 

London is at the forefront of Bitcoin acceptance in Europe and there is a huge number of places in the UK's capital where you can use them. If you fancy a bite to eat then there is a great variety of places available. BIT Bourbon Steam Burgers, Burger Bear and La Porca all accept Bitcoin from the carnivores out there. If you are just wanting a quick bite to eat then Nincomsoups offer global soups and Sawmill Cafe and Bakery is great for a quick cake and coffee. In terms of things of do, you can learn some martial arts at ChiswickBJJ and Semokwan Hapkido Academy, as well as learn how to make sushi at Your Sushi London. Running out of Bitcoins? Not to worry as there are over 15 Bitcoin ATMs scattered around the city, and two hostels that accept the cryptocurrency if you want to stay longer than a day.

Barcelona is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations for obvious reasons. Take a break from the usual tourist activities and head to Barcelona Charter Alquiler where you can use your Bitcoin to spend a day at sea in a catamaran or bomb around the bay on a jetski. Just finished at the Sagrada Familia and fancy something a bit more modern? MADE Makerspace is a flexible space for you creative tourists to design, invent and develop your projects, and Tostadero Estudis is a Bitcoin accepting music studio. The Dog Is Hot, Ultramarinos and Nostrum Casanova are all available for a bite to eat before heading back to the traditional tourist activities after an afternoon of putting your Bitcoins to good use.

Another of Europe's most popular destinations, Paris is home to some world-renowned tourist destinations. The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and the Champs Elysees are well worth a visit, but you can't spend your Bitcoins there. That automatically means that places like the Golden Thai Spa and Art'Et'Miss art gallery are better activities to do. Take a break at one of the many restaurants that accept Bitcoin such as Chez Gusto, Nagatomi and Le Picotin before heading back out on the streets to do some shopping at some of the myriad shops that accept the cryptocurrency as form of payment. After an exhausting day of modern day sightseeing, head back to Little Olive Tree B&B for a good night's sleep and a Bitcoin breakfast in the morning.

Germany's capital is the place to go in the country if you are wanting to spend your coins. If you are a foodie then there are a number of places that accept Bitcoin such as 19 Grams, Das Baumhaus and Room 77 where you can enjoy a Bavarian bite using your Bitcoin. You can also hire 2, 3 and 4 wheeled vehicles to take on a tour of the city and enjoy a night out at Fabelhaft Bar after a day of driving around Germany's capital. Make your way back to Lekkerurlaub or the creatively named Rooms for Bitcoins if you want a room for bitcoins to crash in for the night.

Switzerland's biggest city is a hive of Bitcoin activity. There are a great number of restaurants where you can enjoy a meal using Bitcoin such as Kafi Schoffel, Zum Scharfe and Grill Bar Aarhof. There is a load of shops that accept Bitcoin in Zurich, and the adrenaline junkies can enjoy a thrilling paragliding experience through the Swiss Alps if they want. Make sure to top up at one of the Bitcoin ATMs in the city if you are running low, to allow you to rent an apartment on the outskirts for the night.

Milan is known as the city of fashion, and what is more fashionable in this day and age than foregoing fiat currency and enjoying a few days in the city using your Bitcoin? As you would expect in one of the fashion capitals of Europe, there are a huge number of shops available for you to revamp your wardrobe in, as well as a number of restaurants where you can have all the pizza and pasta you desire such as Non Solo Pizza, EDA Milano and Lago delle Rose if you fancy a trip out of the city centre. If you want to stay in the city centre then there is even a taxi service that accepts Bitcoin available to you and accommodation in the form of Agriturismo Cascina Madonnina to name one.

So there you go! There are some places that you can spend your Bitcoin while you are travelling around Europe.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't been to any of these places, so don't take any of them as recommendations. I recommend doing your own research into these places if you are considering going to any of them.

Have a look on for some more places where you could go. I only took a handful from each place, and there are many more places across the globe that also offer you the opportunity of Bitcoin payment.


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