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CoinCorner Kayaking

Goodbye Joel!
After 3 months of having him in the office, last Friday we bid farewell to Joel from the CoinCorner team. Joel was here as a Legal Intern during his summer break from university and fit into the team seamlessly. Thanks for the last 3 months Joel, and good luck in your third year!

To celebrate Joel's time here at CoinCorner we offered him the choice of what activity we do as a 'leaving do', and he chose kayaking. Although it was relatively short notice we managed to get a session booked with Adventurous Experiences to go on Friday afternoon. As we turned up at Fenella Beach the kayaks were there waiting for us and, looking out onto the sea, so were the waves. As we had a few kayaking newbies in the group, our instructors made the decision to start off somewhere less rough and we carried the kayaks to a different spot to launch ourselves into the sea.

Despite CoinCorner going kayaking a couple of years ago, the only real expert in the ranks was Liam who turned …