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CoinCorner Kayaking

Goodbye Joel!
After 3 months of having him in the office, last Friday we bid farewell to Joel from the CoinCorner team. Joel was here as a Legal Intern during his summer break from university and fit into the team seamlessly. Thanks for the last 3 months Joel, and good luck in your third year!

To celebrate Joel's time here at CoinCorner we offered him the choice of what activity we do as a 'leaving do', and he chose kayaking. Although it was relatively short notice we managed to get a session booked with Adventurous Experiences to go on Friday afternoon. As we turned up at Fenella Beach the kayaks were there waiting for us and, looking out onto the sea, so were the waves. As we had a few kayaking newbies in the group, our instructors made the decision to start off somewhere less rough and we carried the kayaks to a different spot to launch ourselves into the sea.

Despite CoinCorner going kayaking a couple of years ago, the only real expert in the ranks was Liam who turned up all suited and booted with his own wetsuit. We took it slowly at first, just letting everyone get their sea legs on the flats before heading to a shallow location to practice how to stop yourself from capsizing, something I should have paid more attention to. After that we hit the open waters, doing a quick lap in some mildly choppy conditions before heading back to shore for a quick break.

After a biscuit break we went further out from the breakwater where the waves were bigger and more challenging to deal with. A slight loss of concentration was all it took for you to get blindsided by a wave and send you flying into the depths. Unfortunately for me, that slight loss of concentration came after about an hour of feeling like I was getting the hang of it and, more importantly, being dry. But nonetheless, out I came to become acquainted with the sea. Let me tell you, the Irish Sea in September isn't exactly the nicest place to find yourself falling suddenly into. Despite that, I and everyone else had a great time and would like to thank the guys at Adventurous Experiences for a great day out. It was a fun way to see off Joel after an enjoyable three months.


As One Departs, Others Arrive
Despite losing Joel, the CoinCorner team is getting bigger! Not only do we have a new addition joining us this week, but Molly also makes her long awaited return from maternity leave. Molly is coming back into the marketing department and is being joined by Lucy. We are looking forward to welcoming Lucy to the team, as well as re-welcoming Molly back into the office.


Crazy August
August was a crazy month in the bitcoin world, SegWit locked in and activated and we hit a new all-time high almost every day. In the month of August the bitcoin price rose by 81%, starting the month at $2735.59 and ending the month at $4950.72. That is an incredible rise in such a short period of time, exciting times for those interested in bitcoin.