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Bitcoin Hardfork

You may be aware of a number of recent proposals for technical changes to the Bitcoin network. All BTC stored with CoinCorner will remain safe during the potential events below.

There is a proposed hard fork which is scheduled for 25th October 2017. If this goes ahead it will create a separate blockchain and coin, currently being referred to as Bitcoin GoldCoinCorner will not support the new blockchain or its associated coin.

Customer funds held with CoinCorner will be kept safe when the above events happen, however to ensure that funds stay safe, CoinCorner may temporarily disable some functionality 24 hours beforehand, and during the period where the activation is due to happen, until the situation becomes more clear. This means that customers will be unable to buy, sell, deposit or withdraw Bitcoin until we are comfortable (we hope this will take no longer than 24-48 hours, but it may take longer).

If you do not want to have access to any new coins that are a result of a UAHF, or do not need to access your coins during the fork, then no action is required.

If you would like access to any new coins that are a result of a UAHF, or would like to access your coins during the downtime, you will need to transfer your coins from your CoinCorner wallet to an external wallet before 24th October 2017.

What is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) - the brainchild of Jack Liao is an upcoming UAHF much like Bitcoin Cash (BCH). BCH’s aim was to showcase on chain scaling solutions such as increasing the blocksize. BTG’s aims are to reduce perceived mining centralisation on the current bitcoin blockchain, to do this they are changing the way their blockchain works – enabling everyday computers to mine BTG as opposed to specially designed and expensive hardware currently used to mine bitcoin.