Friday, 13 October 2017

Mental Health Awareness Day

Hello everyone! So this blog post will discuss the importance of mental health and the effect it can have on the working individual.  

October 10th signifies World Mental Health Day which is a day for global mental health awareness and education.  It also represents advocacy against social stigma.  This very significant day was first celebrated back in 1992.  This year, the theme set by the World Federation For Mental Health is mental health in the workplace.  

If you work your entire adult life from the age of 18 to 68, this is equal to 50 years of paid employment.  That is 50 years you are in the workplace, whether you work full time or part time, you will work the majority of days every week of the year for 50 years assuming that you have a few weeks holiday throughout the year.  That is a heck of a lot of time you spend in work isn’t it? So don’t you think it’s important that you have a positive working environment around colleagues who you have a good relationship with and have your best interest at heart? I do.  

For mental health, work is great, however, a negative working environment can lead to physical and mental health problems.  Bullying and harassment are often reported problems in the workplace and can have an adverse impact on one's mental health.  Other aspects of a negative workplace that can affect mental health are inadequate health and safety policies.  Also poor communication and poor management practices.  No or limited control over your area of work and limited participation in decision making is another main risk factor for health, not to mention hours of work which are not flexible and therefore make your home life harder.  Another risk factor would be low levels of support for employees, this makes their life at work harder as they don’t feel they can achieve what they are capable of because they aren't getting the correct support they need to be successful.  

Here at CoinCorner, we recognise that every individual deserves a positive working environment where they get the correct support they need to be able to blossom and do their job to the best of their abilities.  We realise that a great proportion of the average person's life is spent at work and this should be a place where they enjoy coming to every day, where they can excel and do brilliant things, have encouraging management and colleagues who bring out the best in them.

So you ask, how have we created a better working environment for our employees?  Keep reading to find out more.

We want to make sure all of our employees are working in an environment that they enjoy coming to everyday so much so that a chill out area is being created in the office!! The idea behind this is so that we have an area in our working place that we can just simply chill out!  We have got comfortable bean bag chairs to relax in along with a table tennis set up, this is to make our office a more relaxed environment.  This is to have a positive effect on employees.  This isn’t the only thing we do to make our office a great place to work… we also bring in cake every Friday and put on staff events to make sure that our team has a great relationship.  The next staff event we are doing is a pizza and poker night which we are all looking forward to!  

Overall, we as a company value our employees so much and want them to excel every day they are here, developing not only in their career but as people as well.

As I am sure you have seen in the last blog, we are introducing a ‘Quote Of The Blog’.

So that’s it for now.. until next time, enjoy this Quote Of The Blog:

Eric Schmidt
Executive Chairman of Google

“[Bitcoin] is a remarkable cryptographic achievement… The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value…Lot’s of people will build businesses on top of that.”

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