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New Appointments at CoinCorner [Press Release]


New Appointments at CoinCorner

Douglas, Tuesday 14th November 2017

CoinCorner, the British bitcoin exchange, has recently announced the expansion of their team, with the appointment of five new employees in the past six months.

The company welcomes Rachael Duke, Ross Wilson, Zakk Lakin, Lucy Turner and Lizzie Pope in the areas of marketing, development and customer support.

Lizzie Pope, CoinCorner’s newly appointed Marketing Assistant said “I am excited to have been given the opportunity to join a start-up business in an industry that is growing. I have found that every day is different working here and I am enjoying being in a job role where I have so much versatility to my role.  I settled in almost immediately, everyone is so friendly here.

The customer support team welcomed Rachael Duke earlier this year who said, I love being part of a small thriving team - CoinCorner feels more like a family than a company. The bitcoin industry is so interesting! I'm excited to see the team expand more and to see the company achieve great things in the future.

The bitcoin industry is a hot topic at the moment, having seen exponential growth since the beginning of the year, surpassing $100 billion total market capitalisation last month.

There was an overwhelming response to CoinCorner’s recruitment drive earlier this year and the company shows no signs of slowing down, with plans to recruit another three employees before the end of the year. Upcoming roles will be available in the accounts, development and compliance departments.

Co-founder of CoinCorner, Daniel Scott, said the expansion of the team was a major step forward in taking the business to its the next stage of development.
"We are delighted to welcome Rachel, Ross, Zakk, Lucy and Lizzie to CoinCorner.  The bitcoin industry has grown at a great pace along with CoinCorner these last few years. In light of the recent news of the Islands GDP drop, we hope the fintech industry we operate in will be the boost the Island needs to help aid in the resurgence over the coming years ."

(L-R: Zakk Lakin, Lizzie Pope, Lucy Turner, Rachael Duke, Ross Wilson)


About CoinCorner
CoinCorner Ltd is an Isle of Man based bitcoin exchange and wallet provider, whose aim is to increase the global adoption of cryptocurrency by providing easy to use technological solutions.

Molly Spiers
Marketing Manager, CoinCorner Ltd

Daniel Scott
Co-Founder, CoinCorner Ltd


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