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Segwit and Tx Batching

Hooray! Lower fees CoinCorner are thrilled to announce that we have integrated both transaction batching and Segwit functionality into our platform.

What is transaction batching? Transaction batching is the procedure of grouping together our pending bitcoin withdrawals and pushing them into just one transaction before sending them out to the bitcoin network.
In addition to helping lower fees for our customers, this change also supports the overall bitcoin network by reducing the amount of individual transactions sent out by CoinCorner (helping avoid network congestion).
What is Segwit? Segwit (short for Segregated Witness) is an upgrade to the bitcoin protocol that changes the way in which data inside a transaction is stored. The Segwit upgrade removes the signature data out of the transaction hash and stores it in a separate ‘transaction witness’.
By restructuring the way data is stored in a transaction, Segwit essentially allows for smaller sized transactions which means more transactions …

What The Fork? Our Position on Bitcoin Hard Forks...

Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Super Bitcoin, Super Duper Bitcoin... that last one was a joke, but it seems that not a month goes by without confused messages from the bitcoin community about the latest bitcoin fork, so we'd like to take this opportunity to make you aware of our policy and standard operating procedures for these events...
What is a bitcoin hard fork? Simply put, a hard fork is when the blockchain splits in two. It occurs when the existing bitcoin code is changed, resulting in both the original version and a new forked version.
CoinCorner only supports the original Bitcoin (BTC)
If you wish to participate in future bitcoin forks, then we kindly ask that you withdraw your funds from your CoinCorner wallet. If not, then no action is required :)
Got it? Great! However, if you do have any other questions regarding our position on bitcoin hard forks, feel free to contact our support team: [email protected]
Kind regards, The CoinCorner Team